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Production area, dormitory area, office area. Therefore, the following issues should be considered when selecting water supply equipment:

1. The factory has a large water supply range, scattered water intake points, concentrated water use time periods, and large water consumption during peak periods. When calculating water consumption and other parameters, issues such as efficiency, energy saving, and safety should be considered. (Some production enterprises must not cut off water during the production process)

2. Special factories such as food processing factories have high requirements for water quality and need to be equipped with water treatment processes.

3. The dormitory consumes a lot of water during peak periods, so box-type equipment can be considered.

The problems of centralized water supply in rural areas can involve several aspects:

1. The topography of the water supply area is complex, the pipe network area is wide, and the pipe network pressure loss is large

2. Large water supply, including drinking water for production and living.

3. In special areas, the height difference is large, and it is difficult to uniformly provide centralized water supply.

What issues should be considered when selecting equipment for school and hospital water supply:

1. In crowded areas, water consumption has peak periods. In view of the large changes in water requirements and the inability to stop water, we recommend the use of box-type equipment.

2. Security issues: The device has an RS485 interface, and realizes remote data monitoring through GPRS mobile data. At the same time, a camera is installed in the pump room for video surveillance. Conducive to better management of equipment operation.

3. School dormitories and hospital wards need to consider sanitary factors for water supply. Our wetted parts are made of food-grade materials and comply with international water hygiene regulations.

What issues should be considered when selecting equipment for water supply in high-rise communities

1. Understand the basic water consumption of residential buildings, whether there are several floors and how many households need to use district water supply, and then determine the flow and head according to the design drawing parameters of the design institute;
2. Understand the layout of water pipes in the community, whether the water source is a tank or tap water. If it is pressurized by a water tank, choose a box-type constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment or a box-type non-negative pressure water supply equipment. Then use non-negative pressure water supply equipment.
3. Based on the above information, make a complete set of water supply solutions. The content of the solution includes: design principles, design basis, equipment usage overview, equipment configuration, equipment quotation;

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