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HAOSHUI GROUP is an Italian smart water and water treatment equipment solution provider, committed to solving various problems encountered in water treatment for users around the world, and has many years of fluid equipment manufacturing history. HAOSHUI's current global business is mainly concentrated in water, environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.



With the continuous deepening of the country’s reform and opening up, China’s economy has attracted worldwide attention. In 2016, a Sino-Italian joint venture Hangzhou Haoshui Technology Co., Ltd. was established and became a member of HAOSHUI GROUP, bringing European advanced technology and management experience to China while bringing sustainable development The concept and practice of the company are brought into China and seek common development through localized management. After several years of operation, it has been highly recognized by domestic water affairs and has become a partner of many key projects.

Hao Shui Technology has always insisted on providing users with "smart, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and convenient" high-quality intelligent fluid equipment as its own responsibility, and always firmly believes that the sum of technology, quality and reputation is our final product, scientific management, The advanced concept has inserted the wings for the development of the enterprise.

Hao Shui Technology will create a better future with you.