Water supply plan
Scope of application: public places, commercial buildings, irrigation, residential water, manufacturing
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Hotel water supply

Hotel water supply

Factory office building Recommendation: box-type constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment (need to choose according to the actual situation) Drinking water safety is the most important

The following issues should be considered when selecting equipment for hotel water supply:


Efficiency, energy saving, safety

The water consumption is large and the water is concentrated. The box-type non-negative pressure or box-type constant pressure water supply scheme is adopted to ensure uninterrupted water supply.


Special factory

The pressure is prone to instability. Use a large-flow pump to prevent the water pressure from being too low during peak water consumption.


Peak water consumption

Excessive noise from water supply equipment affects customers' rest. To prevent this phenomenon, the equipment undergoes noise testing before leaving the factory, and the testing standard must be less than 70 decibels, which meets the national noise standard.