Water supply plan
Scope of application: public places, commercial buildings, irrigation, residential water, manufacturing
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Office plant water supply

Office plant water supply

Factory office building Recommendation: box-type constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment (need to choose according to the actual situation) Drinking water safety is the most important

The factory is a more complicated project involved in water supply and drainage, because the factory's water supply may be divided into multiple areas: production area, dormitory area, and office area. Therefore, the following issues should be considered when selecting water supply equipment:


Efficiency, energy saving, safety

The factory has a large water supply area, scattered water intake points, concentrated water use time periods, and high water consumption during peak periods. When calculating water consumption and other parameters, issues such as efficiency, energy saving, and safety should be considered. (Some production enterprises must not cut off water during the production process)


Special factory

Special factories such as food processing factories have higher water quality requirements and need to be equipped with water treatment processes.


Peak water consumption

The dormitory consumes a lot of water during peak periods, so box-type equipment can be considered.