Water supply plan
Scope of application: public places, commercial buildings, irrigation, residential water, manufacturing
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School hospital water supply

School hospital water supply

School hospital water supply Recommendation: non-negative pressure water supply equipment; box-type constant pressure variable frequency water supply; box-type non-negative pressure water supply equipment (need to choose according to the actual situation) Drinking water safety is the most important

The following issues should be considered when selecting equipment for school and hospital water supply:


Peak water consumption

In crowded areas, water consumption has peak periods. In view of the large changes in water requirements and the inability to stop water, we recommend the use of box-type equipment.


safe question

Security issue: The device has an RS485 interface, and realizes remote data monitoring through GPRS mobile data. At the same time, a camera is installed in the pump room for video surveillance. Conducive to better management of equipment operation.


Hygiene factors

School dormitories and hospital wards need to consider hygiene factors for water supply. Our wetted parts are made of food-grade materials and comply with international water hygiene regulations.